Lanette Ferguson

Functional Nutrition Coach

As a kid, I was teased for being heavy which continued to be a challenge for me as I got older. Throughout my 30s I struggled with my weight even more and at my heaviest was 230 lbs. I had a cholesterol level of 220, recurring sinus infections requiring multiple rounds of antibiotics each spring, skin conditions like unexplained hives that required steroids to control, random skin eruptions and eczema. The worst part was feeling like a failure because I couldn’t get up in the morning to get my daughter to school on time. I literally couldn’t even move when I woke up because the brain fog was so intense. I couldn’t remember a time when I didn’t feel like that upon wakening so I didn’t think that there was anything “wrong”. As I approached my 40s the muscle and joint pain started and I began to worry that if something didn’t change, and fast, I was going to end up with fibromyalgia or some other unexplainable autoimmune condition that the doctors wouldn’t be able to treat. I had seen multiple friends suffer with these conditions and I didn’t want that to be my life. Fast forward a few years and I find out I have stage 2 adrenal fatigue and my hormones are tanked at post-menopausal levels. I found this out while taking a free adrenal profile test that I won at an event. What? I didn't even have symptoms of menopause! Or did I? Inability to lose weight, low Libido, painful sex, yep, those are the signs. Turns out, a healthy diet can't out-run caffeine, stress, poor sleep and exercise habits. My first thought was to feel sorry for myself which was quickly followed by the realization that this is a gift that allows me to relate to you, my fellow women who are struggling with their bodies and want answers to the tough issues they are struggling with. 


Then, I met someone that introduced me to the concept of healing the body through food. My intense aversion to taking medications made this approach appealing to me as I knew that medications were just a band-aid and didn’t address the root cause of the issues I was having. I began making small changes at first, then decided to go full speed ahead and dive in, joining a 30-day cleanse with a health coach. Immediately my sinuses cleared up and I was awaking with no brain fog! I had tons of energy and could get up immediately after waking up. It was then I knew I had found the answer to my health problems. Within 30 days my muscle and joint pain subsided, the weight started falling off and eventually the skin issues just disappeared. Once I made the decision to put my health first and make me a priority, my body was healing and I was feeling better than ever. 

Now I feel like I have a new lease on life. I feel better than ever and wake up each morning with a clear head, ready to take on the day. I am continually grateful that I made the decision to act when I did so that I can live my life without limitations and be an active participant in my grandchildren’s lives.


Through my challenges, I discovered a new passion and purpose which is learning all I can about how diet, lifestyle and genetics impact our health and hormones; how to use food, herbs and natural supplements to heal the body; and how to help people get to the answers they are seeking for how to heal their bodies as quickly as possible. This is why I am so passionate about helping women who are facing challenges with their health get their lives back.  

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