Getting to the root cause of health issues is the goal. The approach used to get there is called Nutritional Endocrinology. 

Why Nutritional Endocrinology?

Nutrient deficiencies or excesses impact the production, distribution and receptivity of hormones. Nutritional Endocrinology is the key to unraveling the profound impact of hormone imbalance on EVERY system of the body, using proven functional medicine methods for identifying and addressing health issues where they start, to restore health and vitality.

What is Nutritional Endocrinology?

Nutritional endocrinology is the relationship between nutrition and endocrine imbalances. It combines functional medicine and functional assessment protocols with nutrition, where nutrition = food. 

What is the endocrine system and why is it important?

The endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce hormones which regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, digestion, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among many other things. It is the Master Control System of our bodies. When our hormones are out of balance we end up with any number of conditions that are often treated with medications that only act as band-aids and do not address the root cause. 

With Nutritional Endocrinology, we are able to:

Identify the underlying causes of health challenges, from common to obscure, rather than simply band-aiding with medicines and hoping for improvement

Discover where the imbalances are in your body so you can quickly begin to feel better

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